Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay, I changed my scripture quote this morning. It struck me, as I was reading that portion of scripture just how cool it was. Doesn't Paul do a wonderful job exegeteing Old Testament scripture and applying it to the New Testament world he lived in?? I love it.
Okay, next. Yesterday, I slammed on brakes and picked up a cool eastern box turtle that was hoofing it across the road. I brought it to my friend's house (she was babysitting 2 of my kids w/her 6) and we had a little science lesson! Pretty cool. Her kids had never actually experienced a turtle up close. It was really neat. They were surprised how fast he was when we put him down on the rug and let him run. They thought turtles were slow...well, anyone who's seen a box turtle in a hurry knows that while we can easily catch up with them, they're pretty quick! Well, she was supposed to email me some of the photos she took so I could post them here...but so far, no pictures!!! One day, I'm gonna have a camera again and this time NO ONE will step on the LCD screen! ARGH!
Next, Anybody want a puppy? These two we have need homes. We cannot handle them anymore! They are really cool dogs...fixed, up-to-date on shots...mostly potty trained. Lemme know if you want one...really! : )
My Mom and Dad returned from their trip to KY and Oklahoma yesterday. No, Tuesday. Glad they're back. The kids 've been missing them! They had fun seeing my sister's 4 kids in OK. They found a tarantula in the back yard while there. Man. I didn't even know that tarantulas live in OK. Tornadoes and tarantulas...don't think you could even give me house in OK!! LOL! Of course my Dad being who he is (nature man) caught it and they kept it in a shoebox so the kids could check it out a while. He picks up snakes, whatever. No worries. He's 71. Thinks he's like 40. Ha. Love that I have those genes. Of course, his Dad had his 100th birthday this past's cool. Grampa still lives in his own house...has cool women that come and cook for him and do laundry etc. But, he's still able to do for himself mostly! He sharp as a tack mentally too. Knows all my kids by name...despite the fact that they're 3 of like 19 great-grandchildren and he has 2 great-great grands also! Nothing like family!!!
Well, time for school. Ya'll have a great day and keep on prayin'!!!


Jessie said...

Not looking for dogs but do you want two kittens??? my hubby brought 2 abandoned kittens home and animal control has been called twice and hasn't come yet (hum...wonder why?) Anyway, hope everyone is well!

Julie said...

Geez...I'd trade! LOL! But Rob would probably rather have the two pain in the tail dogs! He HATES cats and we already have two!! Ha! I read your post. That was pretty funny! What is it about men and a professed, profound, detesting of cats!!?? Are you feeling alright still? Getting excited??? : )