Saturday, September 6, 2008


Okay. I will apologize in advance to anyone I shock or upset. It is not intended. I just read a post by someone else, somewhere else about Halloween. While I didn't read when exactl she posted it, or who exactly she is....nor did I read every single word of her post, I was struck with a thought. Why is Halloween such a big deal? Why do some churches try so hard to fight it? My kids trick-or-treat! I don't let them dress up a little demonic things, or particularly scary things....just like ninja turtles, knights, dragons, dinos, Hoboes...anyway, I really don't see the harm. No matter where Halloween got it's start, pagans, satanists, whatever, what's the big deal? We don't sacrifice anything but chocolate and skinny pants! We don't worship any body or anything on that particular day or at least in conjunction with it. So many churches now how "Fall Festivals" instead of "Halloween Parties" to try to counteract Halloween, but really, they don't even do them on the night kids trick-or-reat! (If you did, you wouldn't have half the participation!LOL!) BUt hey, what's the big deal? I mean really, we hear now how Easter was a pagan holiday the Christians usurped. Who cares? I celebrate my risen Savior that day....not the chocolate bunny I eat before church! Is this hurting something because my kids think some big bunny leaves them candy and few small presents? Hey, we even started finding chocolate crosses! Ha. Why all the fuss? As long as we do the right things, worship the ONe True God, and live in a way that our hearts, minds, words and actions serve God...what's a little candy hurt? Why is it bad to dress up and visit neighbors? Our neighborhood has a blast! I found at Answers in Genesis I think this past year, little cards with Dinosaurs and stuff on them and a gospel track FOR KIDS on the back and handed them out with the candy. COol? YES! The kids loved them! My one kid still carries them around. I definitely made sure the teenagers bringing littles around got one. Let's use these things to our benefit and stop griping and complaining and fussing about stuff that surely doesn't affect our salvation. Love you guys. J

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