Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Church Plant

So, it's now common knowledge that we are going to be moving to Western Colorado to plant a network of missional house churches. I sort of hate to put it that way, because there are so many bad stereotypes or false ideas about house churches.  So, I could just refer to them as Missional Communities.  We will be calling them "Villages" once we get there. I am eccstatic about the move...except for the packing part.

If you are a praying person, then please join us in prayer for this work that God is beginning.
We need prayers for strength, wisdom, spiritual protection, clarity....you name it.  We need the prayers. If you are so inclined, pray for Ouray County.  God can and will soften hearts toward Himself.  Prayer is not part of the job or a supplementary activity...it IS the job. It IS how we join God.

Just for fun....here's some pictures of where we are going:

Hot Springs! WOO!

Park beside the Hot Springs. Sorry it's blurry. We were driving.


My favorite set of weird-os. 

Just read the sign.  It's funny. :-)

Some really cool bell. LOL.  No idea what it memorialized. 

The prettiest place on planet earth.

Outside the city of Ouray.  I believe it's referred to as Loghill area.

Walking up to a waterfall with Brad.

Waterfall from a distance.

Standing on the waterfall.  Wanted to get up on the rock by our heads, but couldn't do it with Carter.

Branche and Carter climbing down.

Rob getting ready to help Carter down.

Safter to sit and slide if you have balance issues.

Daddy showing Carter how it's done...and controlling the slide, it was steeper than it looks!

Rob and Roger crossing the creek.


Town Hall, I think.  And the Fire Dept. 

me and my sweetie.

Oh i love him so! :) 

Ouray from the overlook.

Roger took this of us.  DOwn town.  Check out awesome mural behind us!

Oh yeah.  I totally get that.... :)