Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Run screaming....

If you just saw someone go running screaming and babbling down the street in front of your house, it was probably me. This is one of those days...maybe weeks. I just spent like 20 minutes yelling at a kid who oughtta know better. I'm so over disobedience, and just blatant disrespect. He is now on electronic restriction until at least Sunday. He just can't shut his mouth!!! Yesterday in Walmart, Roger decided to throw an all out, lay in the aisle and scream kinda fit. It took me about 15 or so minutes and a spanking trip to the bathroom to get him back in control. Thankfully, God had put some good people in WMart who gave me the nod, and a "You're doing the right thing" to support me. I mean, at this point, I'm really wondering what on earth is going on. Two days in a row...two kids. I guess it's Carter's turn tomorrow. ugh.
well, we're still searching for a church. Rob started at Lowe's on Monday and I don't think I've seen him longer than 5 minutes since. I'm always asleep. He's behind in school, overworked (already), I hardly know what to do for him other than pack him a lunch and wash his clothes!
My digital camera got stepped on...ruined.
I did start a prayer journal this week (Monday), so maybe that's the right thing to do I am subsequently being forced into spiritual battle. Ugh. I really hate that! :0)
I just finished reading an excellent book. It was one of Branche's school books. It's called "Bruchko". It's about a missionary to the Motilone indians. Really amazing, and it sure has a way of putting our little problems in perspective. Also recommended by me are : "In Search of the Source" (About Bible translators...really COOL. Another school book for B), "Deep Water" (I think that is the title) By Robert Whitlow which is Christian fiction kin to John Grisham stuff.
We did have a fun little vacation in Natural Bridge. ALso spent one night in Harper's Ferry, WV. LOVED IT!! Really neat little historic town. Learned lots.

Love you all...Keep on Prayin'!!!!