Thursday, September 11, 2008

Okay--the coffee's kickin' in!

I am totally excited, because I ordered MathUSee for Carter yesterday. I wasn't happy with his response with what we were using and I think the kinesthetic-ness of MUS will be a great help for him. Also, I think there's some videos? He'll watch anything on video and remember it Mathtacular. ha. That's a really cool DVD available at and made by Sonlight that has a funny guy up there explaining math concepts in a way kids will enjoy and understand. There was even a section where this young man was being Mr. Rogers and I bet I'm the only one who got it! (Cuz I'm so old). He came in the house, put on a sweater, changed into slippers, it was so funny. Anyway, I'm excited. I also ordered the rest of the curriculum stuff C's gonna need around maybe Christmas whenever we finish up the core we're doing now. So, I am eagerly awaiting my boxes! ALSO, yesterday, my hubbie was off, so we went to Books-a-million so he could pick up a couple resources for his latest seminary paper, and whole family is addicted to books. Branche got one by Ted Dekker...who is a Christian writer who we just discovered is the son of missionaries we just read about in a book called "Torches of Joy" really great book. Anyway, he apparently grew up in Papua New Guinea while his parents were there being missionaries. Man, Sonlight sure directs us to some great books. Anyway, let's see....Carter got a new Scooby-doo book...Roger got two dot-to-dot workbooks that he's ecstatic about. One even came with a computer CD so you can make your own dot to dots...can't wait to try that out. Rob of course got like four or five books for school and one "just for fun" about learning Biblical Greek. What's wrong with that man? Who studies Greek for the "fun" of it???? LOL! Oh, that's right, the same one who took Statistics as an elective for an "easy A". Ugh. What else....Oh, while we were in P'burg which is like an hour from home we went to the Parable Christian Book Store there. We LOVE IT! We go every chance we get, because they have a HUGE music (CD) section. I got an Ernie Haas and Signature Sound CD I've been's kinda big-band, gospel cool. I got the new (?) Gaither Vocal Band Cd...can't remember the name AND a Robin Mark best of CD called...."Days of Elijah". Really cool. Irish instrumentation worship music. Anyway. Oh and Roger got a shepherd and sheep to go with his Jesus and the angel and the tomb set. Ha. He's so cute. He's gonna be a preacher... i just know it...or maybe a missionary...a guerrilla missionary...HA convert or else! HA LOL!!Sorry. It is early and I get goofy.


Jessie said...

I've checked into the MathUSee before. Jennifer uses that curriculum and loves it! Oh, and easy A???? I absolutely hated that class! And I HAD to take it. Couldn't tell you one thing about it now. It's ashame because I'm still paying for that class LOL!

Luke said...

Glad you got a kick out of MathTacular. We worked hard to make it enjoyable and helpful for all ages.


Julie said...

Yes, easy A. Shocking. You never knew Rob was such a weirdo did you. : ) ...He just doesn't come off as that smart!!! LOL! Okay, I can say that...I'm married to him and you know I don't mean it!

Luke--I think it's really cool that one of the guys who helped make those videos reads my blog sometimes! Ha! I told my friend who also uses Sonlight and she laughed...we think you're famous! ***grin*** Better than a movie star....You actually have morals and stuff! : )
How'd your birthday go?? How young are you anyway????