Monday, March 30, 2009

So, Rob got "pasteurized" (Pastor-ized) last night. He's officially ordained and as of today licensed!! How cool is that/?? It is waaaaaay cool. We've been praying and waiting and waiting and praying and now HERE WE ARE!! Yay GOd!!! God is so good. I tell you what, never in my wildest dreams did I ever understand or think that God loves me so much. Yeah, we sing "Jesus loves me" from infanthood, yeah we say "I know GOd loves Me" God loves you! BUt hey, let me just tell you what, that part in the Bible where it says he gives better gifts than any earthly father--it's right. The part that says He loves us, it's right. That part that says He wants for us only the best and knows absolutely the desires of our hearts---it's right. God gave us everything we could ever of dreamed of and then some. Right down to what the back yard is like. Where the church is. Where the house is. What kind of house. How much space we needed. Every single detail and some we didn't even know. How could you ever doubt your Father's love when he knows you so well???? I just stand in awesome amazement of the ultimate Dad's love for me. And that's not being overly-familiar---Jesus called Him "Abba" that's like Hebrew "daddy" you know. I love that. I think about that all the time. I have and have had a wonderful relationship with my earthly Daddy and still call him that "Daddy". I am finally understanding that my heavenly Father wants to be "Daddy" to me too. He wants us all to feel that comfortable and close to him. To love him that way. I stand in awe, I kneel in amazement. Last night at Rob's ordination, I stood in front of like 50 some people and cried for 20 minutes or so while 12 different ordained decons and pastors prayed over my husband and I. I hate crying in public. But, there was just no stopping the tears.
Keep us in your prayers, we sure need them now more than ever.

Monday, March 16, 2009

We're moving!!!

pray for us as we pack our house. We have too much stuff. We're cleaning out, but hey, 5 people require right much stuff!!! :)
We're getting the truck today, leaving sometime tomorrow. We covet your prayers as we begin this new phase in our lives with anticipation and excitement. Love you all!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Can you tell??? We got the church. We are thrilled. There was no doubt left in our minds by the time we forced ourselves to leave, that God wants us in that church. Don't know why. Just know it. CanNOT wait to go! We are just bouncing around thrilled...and scared!! Wow. What huge responsibility! Now that we've got the church...we need your prayers that we remain in God's will and serve in the way he'd have us!! Gotta go...waaaay to much to do! :)
Will keep you posted!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I can't stand this quote:

It behooves a father [or mother] to be blameless if he expects his [or her] child to be.

Man, Homer must not've had kids... LOL! Ok, maybe he did....maybe he needs to get his nose out of my house! :D
ok. So. Here I sit. Day after tomorrow it all happens. :)
I am So excited. It's almost uncontainable!!! It's like Rob said one day when we were waiting to hear after the interview...."It's not like waiting for a 'yes' or 'no', it's like waiting for an answer you already have!" It's like that in many ways and at many times. SOMEtimes, though. I get scared. What if it's NOT God giving me peace? What if it's NOT God sending me comfort and assuring me that this is it?? What if?Whatif?Whatif? What if the house doesn't sell quickly, I mean hey, EVERYONE loves telling me just how bad the market is, right?? Well. I am choosing NOT to buy into that negative mindset. God DOES love us. God IS big enough to sell a matter where, no matter the market. God IS the one sending us, right? I sure am glad my God is bigger than those worry-warts' god! :) Sorry. That was a bit mean, right? Sorry. I am just in this mind-set that I will not live my life in fear, I will not worry about every little tiny material thing that could go wrong.

I've been cleaning out, you know...what with the most-likely impending move. I am actually getting joy from just dumping stuff. And I mean STUFF!!! I have sent a couple truck loads to the thrift store already. Crazy, right??? Where did all this stuff live, you say? Everywhere. In every crack, crevice, closet, you name it. Man. Who knew it was so liberating to throw stuff out or give it away??? I am having to be careful not to give away stuff I may actually want or NEED! Yes, me. The pack rat. Cleaning out. I do, however, find it amusing that my husband is only somewhat impressed...he just doesn't know the real volume of stuff that has exited this building. I did have a friend suggest a dumpster....of course she was married to a military man...Teeheehee. They keep nothing, right?? Who would having to move so much? Me, I'm a firmly rooted, stay in one spot, kinda girl. Now think about the trauma I'm getting ready for in moving again...after only like 8 years! EEEEK! You have to parents live in the same house they bought when I was 6 months old. I'm gonna turn 40 in a couple weeks. See? Firmly rooted. I've had family in this county since,oh...I think the mid 1700's...maybe earlier. Firmly, deeply rooted. I've had people in this country since the 1600's!! Crazy, right? There's not many to beat that who actually have the names written down....who aren't native americans. I love it. I like to think about all the names that've gone before me...that they most probably walked where I walk...all that cool stuff. Very firmly, very deeply rooted.
Now my goal is gonna be to become firmly, deeply, positively, absolutely, permanently rooted in the word of God. In HIS love, HIS word, HIS way.
Can't wait. I cannot wait til Sat., Sun. or any of the rest of it. I cannot wait to see the big UHAul or whatever pull up in the front yard so I can start loading boxes!!! Woohoo!!! Well, you all just pray real hard for us this weekend, Rob needs you support the next couple days so he can get his school done and finish the sermon and WE need you this weekend!!! :D You all KNOW i'll post Monday a.m. if not Sun. night! Love you all!
Oh--Tony C--welcome, I clicked the wrong button on fb, can you resend the request? Sorry!