Sunday, September 28, 2008


I think my husband reads my blog....he said "Yo ho ho and a bottle of tums" last night...or the night before...I don't know. It is possible he came up with it on his own...we do love pirates! Ha. Anyway, dearest, if you're reading this, I'm probably asleep over there behind you.... Love ya!

Tomorrow, me and the boys and friends are going on a field trip to a "bonzai farm". Can't wait. Branche is starting Japan in his "Eastern Hemisphere Explorer" and the project he picked was: "Get a bonzai tree". So, I couldn't just let it go at that....I called and set it up with the lady who runs this thing. I'll let you know how it goes after the fact!!! can't wait!

We've had a busy week, but I can't remember doing what?!! I do remember Friday night! I so highly recommend "Fireproof." Take your spouse, get a sitter and go!!! Rob even cried!!! ususally it's just me! That was the most incredible movie I think I've ever seen!!! Man, those people at that church in Georgia are awesome. It's made by the people who did "Flywheel" and "Facing the Giants". Just the most moving, life changing, gospel-rich movie ever...and Kirk Cameron to boot! LOL! GO SEE IT!!!

The boys loved their babysitter. Carter hugged her told her "I love you!" : )
He even turned the TV off the first time she told him to!! Miraculous!

I started reading a new book. It's by Beth Moore. It's called something like, "90 Days with John" ??? SOmething like that. It's a day by day 90 day study of John the disciple. You even get to write in it! WOohoo! I love "workbook" type Bible studies, but this is the most beautiful book you've ever seen, I almost didn't want to write in it, but then I thought how cool it would be 10 yrs. from now to read it again and be able to read my responses! My sweet husband gave it to me just because! how cool is that?! He also got me a book shelf!!! WOWIE!!!

oh, do any of you get the Voice of the Martyrs newsletter? I highly recommend it if you want to be shocked by the level of persecution of Christians in the world. It's really added to my prayer life. It's free. Something to think about.

Anyway, love you guys. Keep on prayin'!!


Jessie said...

I love that newsletter. We've been getting it for about a year now. Absolutely amazing, the testominy that these people have. Incredible...

Hope that you're feild trip went well. Air and Space Museum has their Homeschool Day 10/23.Only $1 admission per person and that includes the IMAX. Maybe we could meet up there. My kids absolutley love it there!

Julie said...

Oh man, that would be awesome, but we may be out of town that week, actually, Im pretty sure that's Rendezvous week. Shucks! we really ought to plan to get together sometime! We're slack!!:0)