Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the countdown has begun and is almost over!

I've been baking awesome pound cakes all day today in between cleaning. I'm tired. I'm ready for Thursday to be here...except the floors aren't done, the bathrooms are not scrubbed....what else...oh the presents are not wrapped....I'm tired..DId i say that already? the little boys' room is NOT clean and is gonna have to be "seen" due to new paint and curtains...ugh...I don't WANT to clean it! IT's a wreck! I just wanna close the door and clean something else!!! AAAARGH! >..the den's a mess, but not too bad, but hey..other than that stuff and the fact that all the CHRISTmas cooking needs doing, HEy I'm ready!
Can I collapse now?
Did I mention I just did a sleep over for 5 teenage girls at church w/a friend of mine? Oh, did I mention right before that I lost my mind? ;)
We had a blast...with 3 sons I never get to do girlie stuff...well, I got to SUnday night! We stayed up horribly late, watched "Hairspray", did glue on nails w/funky colors and stickers, we did make0overs and ate lots of junkfood . Not to mention the really cool devotional on purity. We felt some seeds were planted and were totally amazed at the openness of the girls. How cool. God works in some really cool ways!! ANyway, ....I'm still tired from that and it's TUes. nite!!! LOL!!!
Ya'll have a great CHRISTmas and all...enjoy family and friends and FOOD!! : )

Friday, December 19, 2008

The greatest motivational act one person can do for another is to listen. Roy E. Moody

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Carter and Roger in Santa's lap at MacArthur mall in Norfolk, VA. All three being photographed (one against his will)...and our living room tree.

Oh...the food playground is GONE! Walled off!!! What a disappointment...I'm assuming they're just redoing it...you know, something different...I hope.. Kids were very disappointed. My holidays do not contain the joy they should...i'm working on it. Right now I'm sick...sinuses and headache...largely due to the ups and downs in temperature. One day it's in the 30's for a high, the next it's in the 70's. Ugh. Doesn't work for me at all!!! Keep Rob and I in your prayers...most of you know why. Enjoyed our trip on Sunday into central VA...nice church, nice people. PRAY!!!! : )

Love you all! Julie

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More photos....

These should be new pictures of the dog...Mikie....and maybe one of the Christmas trees? Nope...they're pictures of Rob and Roger being weird last May. LOL! More another day!!!

photos...i hope

Okay, hopefully, my photos are downloading...no, uploading and will be posted here shortly. I think they will be in no particular order....my Brother in law Danny on the last Christmas we had him....Rob and the boys around our Christmas tree the same year (2007) oops, that one's sideways, and Branche reading the funnies at Fram's on T'giving day this year. I am so horribly over whelmed with all the stuff I'm supposed to do today that it has manifested itself in an inability to do anything about it...hence, I'm posting photos on my blog. Tomorrow we go with my mom and dad to see Santa. This has become an annual pilgrimage to Norlfolk...santa, lunch out and playing in the "food playground". I'll take photos and you'll understand...those of you from around here already know...MacArthur Mall.

Oh yeah, I forgot this too...

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. Charles R. Swindoll

I forgot....

i had a cool thought, then I read Luke's sonlight blog and forgot!!! Ilaughed so hard, I forgot...just goes to show, brains are best baked, not fried. LOL!! Okay, nobody but me and Luke got that...and that's if he actually comes over here!! Ha!
Oh yeah!!!! I went Christmas shopping for the boys yesterday online...Rob is working so much, we have not had and will NOT have time to shop together before Christmas...not cool. Anyway, so, I was given the debit card and monetary limits for the kids, and went to town!!! Cyber-town! Ha! Anyway, one really cool thing I found for my oldest excited me greatly. He's always wanting Guitar Hero for the Wii or whatever and it's T rated, so the answer is NO!!! The rating is for lyrics...DOUBLE NO!!! So, I found on Christian Book Distributors website (if the link doesn't work, look in my links box and you'll find it there)....Guitar Praise!!! For the computer. It's all comtemporary chrisitan music!!! It even comes with the guitar. I'm SO excited!!! Wahooo!!! He'll even know some of the songs since that's all we listen to in the car etc, as opposed to the stinky Guitar Hero which is full of inappropriate music, lyrics etc. that he is not allowed to listen to anyway...so he doesn't even know that music! HA! <>>>
I want to post some photos...I got my old camera back, I'm just having trouble w/the upstairs computer and haven't gotten it done yet...it'll happen!!!!