Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hanna and stuff

Okay, as I sit here early on a Sat. morning, I'm listening to the rain on my window. It's Hurricane Hanna. No big deal, we've had worse summer thunderstorms. A lot worse. We'll see what happens as the day progresses but this should be all done by late afternoon. We'll probably be stomping in deep puddles, but that's about it. The wind's not so bad, we're expecting minor flooding, but out here we get that with any rain. The water runs out of peanut, and cotton fields and covers the road....creeks run over their banks into the road...not a new thing. Of course, the bored weather men are making a HUGE deal. That's all the news has been this a.m. Not even a mention of anything else. We love to over-react to every hurricane. It's like a statewide pass-time in Sept.
I'm avoiding writing a paper for my seminary class. It's on "theology of Missions". Man, I'm not even sure I understand the topic!!! LOL! I've read like 200 pages a week for 3 wks for this class and I STILL don't know exactly where to start!!! HA! Let me just say, seminary is definitely a step up from undergrad. I feel like the dummy in class,like I must be the only one sitting here shrugging, going...."huh?" HA! I know I'm not...I get good grades, I can intelligently discuss stuff on discussion boards....I just feel dumb. It'll be ok. I'm great at procrastination, I'm practically a professional...I write wonderfully under great pressure and duress........are you buying it? I am! I work very hard to maintain my thought processes in this manner! :)
Ya'll have a great day and pray for me!!

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