Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Good Day

SO. We had a good day. Carter decided to impress me today. We've been listening to "addition songs" CD for a few days and he refused to admit he was listening and would NOT sing along! Well, today, Daddy came up to the school room and little brother sang the "test" where there are blanks for the answers. Got them all right!! GO ROGER! (It was the 1+ _ =_ song. Like 1+1 is 2. 1+2 is 3 and so on to 1+9 is 10). ROger is 5. Good job. Well, Carter could NOT let his little brother upstage him and sang the WHOLE SONG!!! WOOHOO! I knew he knew it, just sometimes I need a little proof!!! TO top that off, Carter does NOT like science. He won't actively listen. (SOrry I'm heavy on quote marks...I just like them!) He will NOT do the activity sheets that come with the Sonlight science program though they are not particularly difficult, and very appropriate...just a few questions a day. Well, today, he listened to like 3 days worth and then ANSWERED ALL THE QUESTIONS!!! I mean he knew it all!!! He knows all about "invertebrates", which pictures were and were not, life cycles, everything!!! I was SO excited!!!! YEA CARTER!!!! ANyway, small steps,great progress!!! I'm cheering loudly!

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