Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sponsorship Link

This is pretty cool. As a child ambassador, my main job is to find people who are willing to sponsor a child and encourage them to do so. The hardest part of this, is that I have to carry these sweet little faces around and show them to people to see if they 'd like to sponsor a child. The one problem with that, is that sometimes a person has a heart for a particular age child, like that, and I cannot keep but so many "kids" with me at one time. WELL! World Vision has upped their game. As a Child Ambassador, I now have my own sponsorship link that I can share with people and they can go on the WV website thru this link and search children according to age, birthday, country, gender etc. and pick the exact child they would like to help. My link is here. Hopefully that will work. Please prayerfully consider sposoring a child. It is only $35 a month and it gives these kids a fighting chance to live to adulthood and become productive adults. Bonus? They also have the chance to get to know our Savior. :)
Peace & Love!