Monday, September 8, 2008

I love my husband!

You know, sometimes, crying half the night away with your husband just totally is a good thing. Rob and I laid in bed on Sat. night and cried and cried. It was the one year anniversary of his brother's home-going. Man, but we miss him. I thought (and he did too) that he was doing great Saturday. WEll, I went to bed just a little ahead of Rob and almost immediately started snoring. He came in and woke me up...which he NEVER does and we just started talking. Man. He cried and cried. I hated it. He NEVER cries. But wow. I've never felt so close to my sweet husband. Sometimes loss makes you pull closer to those you still have. This past year, Rob and I have spent so much time just being us. We just continue to grow closer and closer and closer. I can hardly believe that our 10th anniversary is coming up in January. It seems like yesterday sometimes and others it seems like 30 or 40 a great way, I mean! :D
Anyway, I'm just reveling in the love of my husband and my Father (that one in heaven). I just feel so blessed. ROb and I have always just KNOWN that God put us together. It's actually kind of a funny story that I'm not gonna tell right now, but we knew we were gonna get married within a month or two of meeting. Anyway, just feelin' the love and thought I'd share!


Jessie said...

You and your whole family were in our thoughts and prayers on Sat. that's for sure. Jeremy and I thought about him all day. Even today, knowing that it is his birthday. Anyway, I can't imagine how fresh the pain must still be for your husband and even you. I am glad that you were able to talk to him and be there for him Sat. It is an awesome thing when God brings two people together like that. I pray that the Lord continues to bring you all comfort like only He can.

Julie said...

thanks Jess. I'm gonna make a point of staying up til Rob gets home tonite, I'm sure if he knows the date of today, it'll be on his mind. I actually think about Danny more often than my Gramma who we lost in June. Passing in youth'll do's like an affront to the "natural order" or something. J