Tuesday, September 2, 2008

school bus

I gotta say, I just participated in what for me has become a yearly (if not more often) ritual. I always watch the kids get on the school bus the first day of school. I get such joy from sitting on my porch, drinking my coffee, and reveling in the fact that my kids are still sleeping, I didn't just have to drag everyone out of bed and rush them around getting ready and finding things to "not miss the bus". Ha! I love just watching that big yellow thing roll by, waving at the driver, looking at all the sad little faces in the windows...ok, not the sad faces...I'd like to call all the mom's and make them watch so they'd pull their kids out too! HA! BUT, I AM glad, it's not MY kids' sad little faces in the windows!! ANyway, I sit on my porch drinking coffee a lot during the year, therefor often see the buses go by, but it's always a bigger deal on the first Tuesday of September. Also, I find it cool that we're beginning our fourth week of school this week! ha HA! We're ahead of those poor kiddies just going back to start a month or more worth of review!!! ha HA! We might've already learned something NEW!! : )
Oh well, onward and upward....I will have kids swarming me for breakfast any time now!!! Love ya'll! Keep praying!

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