Friday, January 18, 2008

Time off

I must say, it's nice to have a few hours sort of "off". My Mom and Dad took the two oldest this evening to spend the night and go to the movies tomorrow. It's really interesting (and strangely easy!!!) to only have one little 4 year old! I hardly know how to act! I have actually completed a couple thoughts tonight! Strange! They're going to see "Water Horse" tomorrow. I'm sorta jealous, I wouldn't mind seeing that one myself. Carter's pretty sure it's a pleiosaur or whatever that dino's name is, so he's pretty excited.
My grandad is turning 100 years old on Jan. 29. It's pretty exciting. He's doing very well (considering his age), in fact I've seen much younger doing worse! The family is having a party for him on the 26th, so it should be a huge big deal. We've got family coming in from all over. Some are coming early due to work scheduals so we should get to visit with my cousin's kid and her husband and new baby tomorrow. I am excited to see the baby!!! I LOVE babies!! They smell so nice (sometimes!).
We had a big day visiting with a fellow homeschool family in the area. Nine kids all in one house. It was an exciting time to be sure! The baby figured out how to move the back of the toilet and flush to get a really cool geyser going. Exciting for all involved! it's one way to mop your floor I'd never thought of! LOL!
Who said downloading music was easy?? Because it's NOT! Nothing on-line is easy anymore. UGh! We had a rather frustrating time today working that out, but finally did! They want a preponderous amount of info that is seemingly unneccessary!!!
We're sort of in the planning stages of a homeschool group to serve the needs WE want it to serve...there's only one other around that we've found, and it's not what we want. So, we are gonna set up a twice monthly group to do stuff like, occasional field trips, science experiments, energy-burning outdoor name it. We're excited. Just our two families are nine kids! One more big family and it's almost too much! LOL! Oh well, we're loving our experiences homeschooling. We both use Sonlight and LOVE it. Our kids can't seem to read enough. We've both recently denuded the library book sale of anything worth-while. Lovin' it!
Can't wait for the supposed winter-storm this weekend! Can you tell I live in southern VA? Yea snow!!!

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