Thursday, January 3, 2008

First Ever Post

Hello to everyone who is not reading this post!! HA! I am not sure why I decided a blog would be a good idea, but I enjoy reading some and it seems fun. By way of more specific introduction, my name is Julie. I am a very busy mother of three boys whom we home-school. We do this for lots of reasons, one of them being that the public schools don't teach what kids need to know! We are a Christian family and teach our boys (hopefully) to love and serve the Lord. I am not perfect, not always good at my jobs of teaching, cleaning and caring for my family, but hey, I AM human and do love my family and the jobs I've been given! I've read some blogs of other Home-schoolers and know a few, and some seem so together...or at least give that impression. I'm here to say, that you don't have to have it "all together" to do it, or succeed at hsing! We don't run a business in our spare time, or feed an entire third world nation by selling handmade kadiddle-floopers, or anything else particularly extraordinary. We are just a normal family getting by day by day and trying to do it the best we can! We enjoy ourselves sometimes, sometimes we don't! We do love camping, reading, I like to garden, the boys like to play video games, ride bikes, skateboard...whatever! We dress up like mountain men (and woman) and shoot muzzle-loader-blackpowder rifles and attend rendezvous a couple times a year. You know, kinda like a re-enactment thingy, without the actual re-enacting of a specific event. We kinda recreate the feeling of a time period. Real over a fire...sleeping in canvas tents...candles for light. That stuff. Anyway, hopefully this blog will at least amuse someone (other than myself), give someone hope that they can do it too (homeschooling, college as an adult, whatever), and maybe fill a couple minutes of your day with a smile or giggle or something! God loves ya! Julie

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The Asbell Family said...

Love the blog Julie! God works His perfect will through our imperfections...and that is what gives me the "get up and try again" when I fail miserably.