Thursday, January 17, 2008

One of those days...

Well, I'm sorry to say that today was "one of those days". The boys were totally uncontrollable. I spanked, I sent people to their rooms multiple times, and still, no relief. I was so glad when Rob came home I just wanted to cry. Now, two of them are sitting on my bed watching cartoons and slowly but surely shoving all my covers on the floor. Man, it's great to be a Mom. I'm tired, I'm frustrated and we got very little done school-wise today. Branche did alright, but complained about every single assignment and could think of nothing better to do than beg me to cut something out. Man, I get tired of that! Would you ever think to beg a teacher to not make you do an assignment??? Puh-leeeze!!!! When he does that, it just makes me want to give him extra assignments (which of course is Rob's suggestion). I just don't think it would be beneficial to make him scream louder and longer...nothing is gonna get done. I did make him complete what I had originally given him. The two littles were just not interested in school today in the least. They did let me read to them some, so at least that happened, but no handwriting (which is so important for Carter), and no workbooks at all. Ugh. Life surely does go on!!
Well, my Dad did finish my corner cabinet and I intended to post a photo sooner, but our one computer is always in great demand, so I'll try this time. It is absolutely beautiful and I spend at least a minute or two studying it every day. Ha. The first two days or so, I was continually rearranging stuff in it. I still don't think it's right, but Mom'll have to come tell me how to do right! HA! Okay, photos: Dad standing proudly by his creation, the cabinet in my diningroom empty, and a closeup of it full of stuff...which I have since rearranged. ha.
That's it for now!
Someone's screamin' for cheese-dogs.

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Jen said...

Your cabinet is beautiful!!!

I would stand and stare at it too!

Are you nervous with the boys running around that they might knock it and break something?

When Mike was little his brother ran into a shelf that Mike's mom had china on and broke it.

With my kids they would throw something "accidentally" and that would be it.

Hope your day is better today! We ALL have those days if we are willing to admit it.

Love, Jen