Saturday, January 12, 2008


Okay, I'm gonna give posting pictures a shot. One will be my corner cabinet still in the process of being built and laying in the garage floor. One will be Branche and his friend Richard jumping and flipping on Richard's trampoline. Yes, Momma had a slight heart attack but managed to snap the pictures anyway. Richard is the upside down one, Branche is standing there watching. The other upside down one is Branche and Richard is sitting down watching. Ha. Just a typical Saturday around the Blake house! Well, Rob got moved from one store to another. He's a store manager for Food Lion. He was at the Courtland Food Lion about 12 minutes from home, loves about a week or so he'll be in Murfreesboro North Carolina about 15 minutes from home but he doesn't want to leave all his well-trained employees and start over!!! oh well! such is life and I told him he just needed to remember FL is not forever and soon enough we'll have a church and NO Food Lion!!! YEA! Just one of those "who moved my cheese" moments for him I guess.

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Jen said...

HEY Julie!!!
Just wanted to tell you that I am glad you joined the bloggy world. I love it as a way of keeping friends and family in touch with us. I look forward to reading more and more!!
Love ya, Jen