Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh man, what a week

Well, my grandad was born Jan. 29, 1908. Hard to believe I still have the pleasure of seeing him here on earth. We just attended his 100th birthday party yesterday. What an exciting day. My grandma was there too, she's just 94 though, a comparative youngster...right?! ;) Well, I've really been having a banner day or so. Let me see....I got lost in what I was doing yesterday, so I was running like an hour and a half late for the birthday party, as I scooted through town I apparantly snagged the attention of a policeman and was treated to my first speeding ticket in ...oh, I don't know maybe 15 yrs???!! AAAARGH! Then, when I got home and took my key out of the truck's ignition, it kept making this weird ticking sound and wouldn't start or do anything when I put the key in.....of course when Rob got home it started right up, no problem, no ticking. Oh....let's did work for church this a.m. which was good. Oh, while doing the dishes after dinner? A I managed to catch a landslide of dishes before they hit the floor and while I was inwardly rejoicing about this, a coffee cup fell out of the upper cabinet and SMASHED into my coffee pot (full of hot coffee, naturally) which is now in about 1000 pieces in the trash! AAARRRRGGHHH! LOL! I must be crazy, because I'm laughing while I type this!!! I'm a little afraid to leave the house anytime soon....who knows what may happen next!!! That's okay, though, I figure if the devil's working so hard to attack me/us, then we must be doing something right!!! Just to prove myself right, (har har har) church was AWESOME today! Everyone was seemingly just so joyful and happy to be there. A new couple joined the church, and second new couple attended for about the 3rd week in a row and even felt comfortable to join in Sunday School discussion. Man, the music was great (even if it was me playing, right?!) The choir was in wonderful voice...just an all around wonderful, joyful, spiritual day. It sure made all the rest easier to handle. I don't think I even raised my voice (except in praise to the Lord) today!! Wow. I just don't know how a non-Chrisitian can get through it. It must be so difficult. At least I know there's more than just the here and now, and no matter how bad things get, or how many stupid, petty things happen, Jesus loves me!!! He'll catch me. One of my current favorite songs is "Who am I?" It really touches me. Some of the lyrics go something like, "You hear me when I'm calling, you catch me when I'm falling...who am I? " It's not new, so I'm sure you all know the song I'm misquoting, but I love it. It points up our tinyness in this vast creation, yet He loves us! He hears us, like the best of Fathers, He catches us every time.
ya'll have a blessed evening tonite and day tomorrow!

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