Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, it sure has taken me awhile to get back on here a post again. Being a homeschool family of 5 does take time! My father is currently building a corner cabinet for me (my Christmas present). He's building it here, so having Papa here on a regular basis is making concentration on school hard for the boys! But, despite that, we've actually had one of our most productive weeks in a long time school-wise! My back is very painful, so bending over is like not gonna happen--but I am even doing a fair job keeping up with laundry this week. The new washer and dryer have made a world of difference in my work load. It's shocking what a difference it's made. Not having to wait two days for each load to dry on the line...being able to do half as many loads because the machine is so's great!!! I highly recommend the Whirlpool (top-loading not front load) Cabrio for anyone who has lots of laundry (big families!). We got the washer and dryer and they are AWESOME!! I used to have to do a load every single day without fail to not get behind, but the problem was, with no dryer the clothes weren't always dry in time (once the weather was cold or if it rained). Now, I can do like 2 or three loads a week and be done! It's truly amazing! Anyway, as some of you may be aware, we are in the process of filling out our formal application for adopting a kid (or kids) from Ukraine. Our initial application was approved, we went to the orientation/info meeting and now the hard work begins! this application requires much introspection, self-evaluation etc. so it is really taking some time to accomplish. Keep us in your prayers in that respect. Also, Rob has started searching for a church. He graduates this spring with a BS in religion from Liberty University, will continue his education there by pursuing a master's degree, but he (we) feel that now is the time to begin the search. We're ready to roll. Prayers also requested for that!!!
The hoards are awaking and are apparently starving...must go! J

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The Asbell Family said...

Show us a picture of the corner cabinet when he finishes it.