Friday, January 11, 2008

Hey all! Well, I hate WalMart. It's no fun with 3 kids in tow. Not at all. I mean, those kids were everywhere. I had to spank Roger twice because he kept diving in front of other shoppers and nearly gave a few slight heart attacks! I was so embarrassed! I saw a friend of mine and tried to speak for a minute or two as we never see each other and within two minutes, I had two out of three kids crying. Not just whimpering, out and out bawling. I'm sure you could hear them in hardware and we were in the food section. I got the old stink-eye several times from people who obviously never had kids! Or maybe they just had those ones that are perfectly silent and trot obediently behind their parents tipping their hats at passers-by. Well, mine are the opposite of those kids! Mine scream, yell, pee their pants, whatever will cause the most disruption at the time. They seem to enjoy it. And yes, I do discipline. yes, I'm consistent, but hey, at least they get points for persistence! Oh well, just sharing our wonderful outing!

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