Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the countdown has begun and is almost over!

I've been baking awesome pound cakes all day today in between cleaning. I'm tired. I'm ready for Thursday to be here...except the floors aren't done, the bathrooms are not scrubbed....what else...oh the presents are not wrapped....I'm tired..DId i say that already? the little boys' room is NOT clean and is gonna have to be "seen" due to new paint and curtains...ugh...I don't WANT to clean it! IT's a wreck! I just wanna close the door and clean something else!!! AAAARGH! >..the den's a mess, but not too bad, but hey..other than that stuff and the fact that all the CHRISTmas cooking needs doing, HEy I'm ready!
Can I collapse now?
Did I mention I just did a sleep over for 5 teenage girls at church w/a friend of mine? Oh, did I mention right before that I lost my mind? ;)
We had a blast...with 3 sons I never get to do girlie stuff...well, I got to SUnday night! We stayed up horribly late, watched "Hairspray", did glue on nails w/funky colors and stickers, we did make0overs and ate lots of junkfood . Not to mention the really cool devotional on purity. We felt some seeds were planted and were totally amazed at the openness of the girls. How cool. God works in some really cool ways!! ANyway, ....I'm still tired from that and it's TUes. nite!!! LOL!!!
Ya'll have a great CHRISTmas and all...enjoy family and friends and FOOD!! : )

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