Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Carter and Roger in Santa's lap at MacArthur mall in Norfolk, VA. All three being photographed (one against his will)...and our living room tree.

Oh...the food playground is GONE! Walled off!!! What a disappointment...I'm assuming they're just redoing it...you know, something different...I hope.. Kids were very disappointed. My holidays do not contain the joy they should...i'm working on it. Right now I'm sick...sinuses and headache...largely due to the ups and downs in temperature. One day it's in the 30's for a high, the next it's in the 70's. Ugh. Doesn't work for me at all!!! Keep Rob and I in your prayers...most of you know why. Enjoyed our trip on Sunday into central VA...nice church, nice people. PRAY!!!! : )

Love you all! Julie

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