Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sorry so long!

Okay, I'm not really lazy, just busy!!! I feel like I have still not caught up since Christmas! I did finally get most all of the un-decorating done and actually put in the attic. We have begun a huge clean-up/clean-out. I mean, we are getting rid of so much stuff it's incredible!! Why can't I tell when I walk through the house??? Where was all this stuff living??? It's truly incredible the amount of stuff you accumulate over a few years...we moved here July 2001. Wow. You'd think I never got rid of a thing since then! The entire back of my suburban is full of stuff to donate if I ever get to town. The trash men did NOT love us yesterday due to the huge pile of cast offs not worth donating. I am really gonna use this as a learning experience....I am NOT going to collect this way anymore!!! EEEK! Did I say that???
I have had fun this past week toodling around on Facebook and found a bunch of friends from high school. Pretty cool, found a couple from my badly misspent college years also : ) It's funny....people you assumed you'd know and keep in touch with your whole life....poof! They're gone and years later you have look'em up electronically! Anyway, it's cool.
I just finished reading a cool book, it's one of Branche's readers for school. It's called "Homesick" and it's the real story of a girl whose parents lived in China while running a YMCA sometime in the 20's? 30's? I can't remember, but it's the neatest story and has real photos. I think the author's name is Jean Frisk or something like that. But, she was born in China and didn't come to America until she was like 12. Really neat. Unique life. Good book.
Rob is currently avidly reading Ted Dekker's books. Dekker has like 3 series all connected to each other: Chosen, Infidel, Renegade, Chaos (Branche read these too), then Black, Red, White, then Showdown, Saint, Sinner. There are 3 different series. But, he's a Christian author (his parents were missionaries in...Papua New Guinea [I think] where he and his siblings were born and raised...another good book, by the way "Torches of Joy" written by his Dad) and these books I THINK are kinda scary...that would be why Rob likes them so well! LOL! No, I haven't read them, but Rob loves them and Branche has been enjoying "The Lost Books" series. Worth a read.
Our seminary classes started back yesterday, so I am now delving deeply into the book of Hebrews. I've not purposefully studied it before, so it should be a real learning experience for me. Rob is taking Crisis Counseling...better him than me. : )
Keep us in prayer with our search. Big day coming up. We need your prayer coverage desperately.
Love you guys.

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