Wednesday, December 10, 2008

photos...i hope

Okay, hopefully, my photos are, uploading and will be posted here shortly. I think they will be in no particular Brother in law Danny on the last Christmas we had him....Rob and the boys around our Christmas tree the same year (2007) oops, that one's sideways, and Branche reading the funnies at Fram's on T'giving day this year. I am so horribly over whelmed with all the stuff I'm supposed to do today that it has manifested itself in an inability to do anything about it...hence, I'm posting photos on my blog. Tomorrow we go with my mom and dad to see Santa. This has become an annual pilgrimage to Norlfolk...santa, lunch out and playing in the "food playground". I'll take photos and you'll understand...those of you from around here already know...MacArthur Mall.


Jessie said...

love the pics, especially the one of Danny...Alex looks just like him..especially with his hair.

Thanks for coming over and visiting with me last week. I enjoyed it!

Julie said...

we had fun too and the boys have already been asking when we can see you guys again!! LOL!! We've been so negligent !!! Love ya! Pray for us tomorrow!!!