Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I forgot....

i had a cool thought, then I read Luke's sonlight blog and forgot!!! Ilaughed so hard, I forgot...just goes to show, brains are best baked, not fried. LOL!! Okay, nobody but me and Luke got that...and that's if he actually comes over here!! Ha!
Oh yeah!!!! I went Christmas shopping for the boys yesterday online...Rob is working so much, we have not had and will NOT have time to shop together before Christmas...not cool. Anyway, so, I was given the debit card and monetary limits for the kids, and went to town!!! Cyber-town! Ha! Anyway, one really cool thing I found for my oldest excited me greatly. He's always wanting Guitar Hero for the Wii or whatever and it's T rated, so the answer is NO!!! The rating is for lyrics...DOUBLE NO!!! So, I found on Christian Book Distributors website (if the link doesn't work, look in my links box and you'll find it there)....Guitar Praise!!! For the computer. It's all comtemporary chrisitan music!!! It even comes with the guitar. I'm SO excited!!! Wahooo!!! He'll even know some of the songs since that's all we listen to in the car etc, as opposed to the stinky Guitar Hero which is full of inappropriate music, lyrics etc. that he is not allowed to listen to he doesn't even know that music! HA! <>>>
I want to post some photos...I got my old camera back, I'm just having trouble w/the upstairs computer and haven't gotten it done'll happen!!!!


Luke said...

I am so sorry that I caused your ...braaains... to reset and thereby deleted whatever brilliant thought you were going to share with us. Mrs. C is hilarious, is she not? [smile].

Glad you got a kick out of that.


Julie said...

LOL!!! Hey--I've been thinking of you lots recently...I keep getting mail and email from the adoption agency we were going to's killing me. Everything still going well for you all on that front? Any pending flights??? It would be an awesomely cool Christmas present, huh!? : )

Oh..and don't worry too much about resetting my braaaains....ha...they're like any other computer and restart for updates w/o warning every now and then! :)