Saturday, July 31, 2010


The kids and I are on the brink of beginning our 5th year homeschooling. That is so hard for me to believe. For five years, we have spent hours together reading awesome stories, learning tons of stuff and enjoying getting to know each other. No, not every moment is comment worthy, and yes, there have been lots of moments we'd all just as soon forget. But ya know, every family has moments that are less than fabulous. Every family has those times they'd just as soon forget. Homeschooling doesn't change just gives more opportunities for moments of all kinds! Anyway, I'm excited because BOX DAY is impending once again! Once again, I'll be starting two new cores and reading lots of books (some new to me, some not...ALL new to te kids!!). We have hard work ahead of us...two kids REALLY need to get serious about learning to read for is gonna be starting pre-Algebra and I want to cry ;) but....this should be another interesting year. I would like to say as well, that as the years go by I become more and more enamored of our curriculum company. We have used Sonlight all these years. I've added other stuff in but Sonlight has been the backbone of our homeschooling years. They are the MOST awesome homeschool company on the market. Had we chosen any other curriculum to begin with we would have been up a creek the past two years. We have not had the upfront big chunk of money necessary to buy curriculum. Do you know what Sonlight does??? They have payment plans! Yahoo! That we can do! Last year we did the plan where you pay 1/4 down and then make 3 more payments. It was awesome. Now, these payments go on your debit/credit card. If we had enough space on our credit card to just pay we would've, but no....we were irresponsible w/that card a few yrs ago and are still paying it off. Anyway, what it allowed us to do, was to pay the right amount off to have space every 30 days! LOL! Well, two days ago(I think) we went on the Sonlight sight and I was making my "Wish Cart" know, everything I'd order if money was no issue....and went to see how much the 1/4 payments would be and discovered they had a 6 month payment plan. Even better. Can you believe there was not even a FEE for this service???? Unbelievable! It's like they CARE!!!! ha. They do. They care a lot. They give so much money away to awesome charity's incredible. Read about them. Anyway, it's awesome. (If you are interested, I think the six month plan is temporary only til this hurry)...but man....I love that company. My coffee cup is empty so I must be done. Have a blessed day and let God's love show thru you and all you do! :)


Luke said...

Wow! Thank you so much for writing this up. Put a lump in my throat reading it. Thank you. And may this year, even with pre-Algebra, be an excellent one [smile].


Julie said...

You are welcome Luke! and I mean every word of it! You guys rock, big time. Last yr was my husbands first chance to really get involved w/the homeschooling in a meaningful way and this year was the first time he was involved in the ordering. He is really starting to get impressed w/Sonlight as well! hahaha! I've been telling him about all the things SL supports and MADE him go to the webpage where it talks about it. :) He loves it. He is also so thankful for the pymt plans (it makes him able to make me happy) :) Anyway...thanks to you guys as well. J

ps. i still think pre-algebra is gonna make me cry. lol