Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ever have something you want to share SO bad but can't??? I do...right now. And it's so exciting that I can hardly stand it. :D I SO want to share...but can't. I'll just say this, Life as a Christian is never boring if you desire God's will, seek His face and follow where He leads. My life is many things...some good, some not. It's busy, it's loud, it's frequently chaotic....(pick which category each of those things goes in on your own...for me, it depends on the day!) I experience joy, sadness, gain, loss (some good, some bad...bye bye 48 lbs!, top of the mountain and bottom of the valley. The best part is I don't have to do it alone. God is with me. Always. I just have to be the one to pay attention to find Him. He never leaves, but sometimes I do. I am an imperfect creation....suffering from sin. Unable to earn God's approval..wholly unworthy. But He loves me anyway. I am the prodigal. He loves me anyway. I see this played out in my life daily...not because bags of money show up on my porch...but sometimes bags of squash or corn do. Sometimes it's a half of a cow. He loves me! No matter that I throw tantrums on occasion like I'm a three yr. old. He forgives me. There is this thing called "santification". It's a process. I'm still in it. Some days, I wish my time away and long for my true home in heaven where I'll be done with the process. Some days I cry because our time here is just too short. It's ok. He's with me and He loves me. He drags me through if I seek Him. I read His word daily. He gives me encouragement, courage, comfort, direction, attention and guidance through His very own word.
As to the exciting stuff I can't share? I'll be able to one day and then you can celebrate with me. For now....just pray for Rob and me and pray that God continues guiding our feet, lifting us up and providing our every need.

Wishing for you His peace.

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