Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pickles and Produce

I've had a busy summer. I was given a 5 gallon bucket of pickling cukes, so I made 3 batches of pickles. I made sweet, dill spears, and bread & butter. They look good, but I like to let them sit (especiallly the dills) for a while before I eat any. I've already had friends from afar requesting jars of the sweet pickles. I was not sure how generous I was willing to be with my sweet pickles until....a second 5 gallon bucket of cukes showed up on my porch last night! Yay! The cucumber fairy! (I like that fairy better than the squash fairy that showed up daily for about a week! ;) ) haha. Anyway, I guess I'll be pickling again soon....well, it will have to be today or tomorrow...cukes don't like to sit long. I am considering making some "Red Hot Cinnamon" pickles. They are a sweet, red,cinnamon-y pickle that I discovered after moving here. In this area, they're just called "Red Pickle". ha. I got a recipe on-line....it looks like a pain....5 days!!! BUT, it may be worth it...these are some gooooooooood pickles!

I "put up" 300 ears of corn. Frozen. Hard work, also had to be done in one day....can't let corn sit. Pick it in the morning...frozen by bedtime. I'm excited today, because I'm going to pick "snaps"....I call them green beans... ;) Then, I will hopefully have enough to freeze a bunch so we can enjoy fresh-frozen snaps all winter!

I was also glad to hear that the butterbeans are starting to come in. I don't love shelling them, but I looooooove eating them! Last year we got about four 5 gal buckets of those, but with the drought this year, my hopes have been dashed. :(

Hope you all have a wonderful, productive day...think i'll go shake some kids out of bed so we can get on to the harvest! :D

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