Thursday, October 30, 2008

Great Post

My buddy Jessie put up an awesome post. If that link doesn't work, follow the link to her blog under my bloggy friends thing...she's leannotuntothineownunderstanding or something like that. Anyway, her post addresses something we all need to consider as this election gets under way next week. One candidate is pro-life, one is decidedly not (or as someone close to me puts it, "pro-death" not pro-choice as the opposite of "life" is "death" not "choice"). I choose to vote for the value of human life above all else. If we let this issue slip, then as Christians we are not doing our duty. To slide down that slippery slope of beleiving that us little humans get to "decide" when life begins is BAD. Did you know, that just because you personally "decide" something, it doesn't automatically become true?? someone needs to tell those "pro-death" people that.
Love you guys, go read Jessie's post. : ) As someone I know puts it, "it's a post of note."

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Luke said...

[smile] Love those other posts of note!