Sunday, October 26, 2008

GO Flames!!!

Well, we snuck off to the Liberty University Homecoming football game on Saturday. What a blast. The boys loved it. There are flame throwers at the end of the field that they set off everytime they score and it was so cool. THey won like 40-something to nothing, so the boys got their fill of flames!!! LOL! They saw Sparkey the eagle who is the mascot and Carter ran up and "gave him a big 'ol hug" in Carter's words. Ha. Cute. Why no camera???? AAAARRRGHHH! They got big foam fingers and everything. Cute. Roger had to take his into church today. Ha! He entertained everyone at the game after he got bored. He played air-guitar for the ladies behind us who thought he was the cutest thing ever...he ate it up.

Ever feel dumb? No? Go to grad school. I just wrote a post for a discussion board and went and read the one other post because I had to respond to someone. Man. His work made mine look like 3rd grade. Ugh. Oh well. We can't all be that smart all the time....Apologetics is HARD, man!!! I'm missing the logic gene or something. Ugh. I don't even know why I took this class...I didn't NEED it!!! Rob tricked me! : )

I just ate half of a bag of Sam's choice peanut butter cups. ick. Somebody stop me!!! I wish I could say that the generic ones had less calories, but.....

Saw gas for 2.29 a gallon today. Thought it was sad that I thought that was cheap. So I ate a half a bag of peanut butter cups....that was the first half.

I made 3 more aprons today for the craft show a friend and I are going to go do. These things better sell, or everyone I know is getting an apron and a cup towel for Christmas. No joke!!

If I drink a gallon of water will that wash all that chocolate and peanut butter out of my system?

Will a diet soda or 3 counteract all those calories??

If left to its own devices..will dirty laundry do itself....or just walk away?

how 'bout dishes? is it okay to let a dog lick them clean or should you actually still send 'em through the washer? Ha!

I don't have much time. ....I need some day extensions. Wish they were are easy to get as hair extensions.

THink I could talk God into doing for me what he's done for others? You know, that sun-stands-still thingy? It'd be nice, but He probably will just know I'll use all that time to eat peanut butter cups and won't do it. : )

I need to go to bed now...Ya'll take care, keep praying, and love each other!!!

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Jessie said...

Sounds like you had a blast! We need to take the kids to a football game. Especially Steven, our football fanatic. He takes after Jeremy's dad :)