Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting your values

As this historic election day goes on and the ads go on and the mailings go on and the lines go on......lets all remember to vote our values. If you are Christian and wondering what your values should be check out a really good book...the Bible. That's where God outlines for us what we are to believe, to stand for, to be ready to fall for. The Bible has some pretty straightforward things to say about topics people want you to believe are "gray areas." Morals are not gray areas, and morality is NOT relative. Human life is valuable. One candidate stands firmly against the sanctity of human life. Please, don't vote to give people the right to kill their children. I'm sure some of you are deeply offended by that ...but that's what abortion is...choosing to kill your child before you meet them...it's easier and currently legal whereas meeting them first and then killing them is not. Hmmmm. Weird, right? Well, I'm sorry if you're offended. I'm offended when legalized murder is not only allowed, but encouraged and now THAT candidate, he wants our taxes to pay for it. I can't help but feel deeply passionate about this. I really don't mean to offend you, but I also don't mind stepping on toes when it's important. If it makes you uncomfortable to discuss abortion, then at least stop and think before you click on someone who will support all forms, all times, always available, FREE abortions.
Let us also remember...Kings rise and fall according to God's will and plans. Pray for the country, we are moving in a horrible direction and I don't want to learn someone else's lessons over and over.

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