Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Read, follow, or ...not!

Okay, I'm with Luke. I know there must be people who read my blog, but don't "follow" it. I know I mostly talk about my kids, myself, and other stuff you may not find interesting, but could you just humor me and click that little button down and to the left and "pretend" to follow my blog? Maybe I'm wrong...maybe only Luke reads this...Ha! If so, Hey Luke! How are you this morning? I'm still waiting on an update on your kids-to-be! : )
Ya'll have a good day...I'm short one kid, so I'm only teaching 2 grades today! it's almost like a day off! LOL! Yay for grandparents!!! WOoHOO!!!
Love ya'll!


Luke said...

Julie, the Follow option is a tad far down, and my sweet picture is a little dark and so blends in. Perhaps once more people with cool colored photos start Following you'll get more.

Or maybe I am the only one. In which case: Hello! Top of the mornin' to ya!

I'm doing okay this morning. I desperately need to do an update, but by the time I get home and deal with my other blogging and life responsibilities, it hard to find the hour to post an update. But I need to. Maybe tonight. We are getting more papers this evening, so maybe. Maybe.

Hope your "day off" is fantastic!


Julie said...

I'm gonna move it higher I believe...maybe I should change my background color so you show up better! ; )
Man, I'm living vicariously through you with this adoption thing. We just got a magazine that the adoption service we had chosen puts out every so often. There were a few photos of available killed heart is absolutely broken about this. I DO understand the difficulty you must have finding the time, believe me! There are times when other things just have to take precedence.
Hope your day is not too hectice!

Jessie said... you can see my beautiful face everytime you log on.. ha, ha...

Julie said...

thanks Jess!!!