Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Okay, for any of you who occasionally click on here to read, i'm sorry it's been so long! We've been just monumentally busy. Rob finally got a sermon taped to send to Cartersville,VA. I'm mailing it this morning. It came out wonderful. Pastor Barry is an awesome friend! Also, Rob got a call from Knotts Island Baptist Church that was an invitation to preach on March 3. I am sooooo excited about that one! It's a neat place and I wanna go! LOL! Anyway, we keep saying "if this is the church we're supposed to get, God won't let us mess it up! It's gonna be okay! " I think having two churches requesting a sermon made Rob feel lots better. I was practically vibrating I was so excited when K.I.called!! We got a definite rejection from Arley, Alabama which is fine with me! Anyway, we were so pleased with the sermon Rob taped at Faith. I really can't wait. I'm back to the point of almost constant prayer....I'm distracted from everything!! HA!
we haven't been real productive in school this past week, but with all we had going on, I couldn't really help it. We had a chicken muddle fundraiser on Sat. for church that Rob and the boys worked, there was a bake sale on Friday that I had to cook for on Thursday. It just seemed that everything I tried to do got de-railed! LOL! Oh well! Here's another week to take a shot at! I hope to post some more pictures soon...maybe today!
Our 25th High school reunion (which would've been last year) got postponed until this March...it's too expensive, so I won't be going, but...I'm too excited about all the possibilities that God has brought into our lives right now to really care toooooo much!
Ya'll have a great day!


Jessie said...

I am sooo glad to hear that Rob's sermon went so well at Faith. They are a wonderful bunch of people there. We love them dearly! KI Baptist isn't too far from us..cool! We might be neighbors. We will be praying that God would direct you where He wants you. And don't worry, if He wants you there, you'll be there...unless you just tell Him
no :)It will all work out in His time.

Julie said...

Thanks Jess! Glad to hear it's near you! We sure miss you guys. Rob talked to a guy (head decon we think) from KI last nite for like an hour...can you believe it???Rob..on the phone...for an HOUR!! It just doesn't happen! LOL! He said he thought there was a connection made there! YEA! Can;t wait to go! Pray for us!!! Julie

The Asbell Family said...

We hope you get the church you want. We are praying.

We won't be going to the reunion either...Clint's work won't allow it and it's too far from our home to leave the children. Everyone knows where to find us if they want to catch up with us.