Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday a.m.

Well, it's Monday morning and we're not moving around much yet. Roger is in my bed (since about 3 am) watching "Cars" to keep him quiet while I type, drink coffee and wait for the others to get up! They're tired from being out late last night, I guess. We went to my in-laws for a yummy dinner and Rob helped his Dad replace a door and figure out how to build steps the right way. The goof-ball who owned their house before them did some seriously weird stuff in the name of "renovation". Ha! They're still in the process of fixing lots of it. Well, our Ukranian adoption is kinda on hold for the moment. We decided to hold off for now with the church search etc going on and we didn't want to start putting money into it if it somehow got off track and we had to stop and lost all the money and had to start over. You know? So , we're just gonna wait until life settles back down. See, with international adoption, timing is everything. If you can't do everything on time, when they say, you get bumped and you start over. Nothing (okay, very little) is refundable, but nothing is easy that is worth having. So, we put it on hold for now. Bummer, but okay. Well, I better go start shaking people awake, it's getting late!


Jessie said...

Well, there is a time and season for everything. God will work it all out in His way and timing. Hope all is else is well... Mondays mornings always seem to be rough getting up for us too. We sure did enjoy seeing the Giants winning last night though :)

Jen said...

It's hard to wait sometimes. I know you are a little disappointed.

I hope that everything gets back on track in God's timing.

Are you guys planning on moving somewhere else or are you wanting to stay in your house? I wasn't sure what your plans were about that.

Hope you have a better Tuesday!!
Oh, and I'm with Jess. Glad to see the Giants win. Love those Manning brothers:~)