Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Have you ever found yourself in the stupidest conversation ever and couldn't stop? You know, someone makes a statement, you make a statement in response, and everyone else in the world (except the person you were talking to) gets in the middle and adds all kinds of meaning in there that you never intended??? I really hate it when people pick a fight with me. I don't mean like, I'm always right so don't question me, I don't mean, I don't like to discuss issues (say, of Theology)...I just mean, if we are having said discussion....keep the personality out of it! I guess some people just don't even realize how hurtful and mean their words can know, open mouth...forget to engage brain? I do that sometimes. You know, open my mouth before my brain has the chance to engage? We all do, we're human, we mess up, we sin, we speak before we think. But, ya know...some people are just wired to argue against everything. Period. I was in a "discussion" with this guy and someone jumped all over me for what I said. I happen to have been right, btw, but that doesn't matter. He tried to make what I said look stupid, he disagreed w/what I said etc. Then....two posts later...under a different person's post....he totally backed up what I was saying that he argued against. Ridiculous. Those kinds of people need to all go live together in a commune somewhere and argue nonsensically with each other and leave the rest of us alone. THere. I'm through with my rant. Ya'll have a wonderful day. :)

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