Thursday, August 14, 2008

Prayers please!!!

Hi all! Just found out at 10pm this evening that Rob will be preaching Sunday at a prospective church. It is in an area we would love to be in!! Please pray for God's will and help in this! We're getting weary of the hoping, the traveling, the crazy scheduals, keeping up with who is who and where they are. It's so hard. Hard is fine, we are just so ready to move on with our ministry!!! Rob will certainly appreciate any prayers for strength, wakefulness, clearness of thought...he's writing a huge paper for seminary and will have to come up with a fabulous sermon as well! That's all for tonight! J


Jessie said...

We will pray, pray, pray. I know how frustrating it can be to just wait. But the longer we wait, the more assurance we can have that God has something awesome in store for us! Let us know how it goes.

Julie said...

I know...I keep telling myself that, "If it's not this one...think how wonderful the right one must be!" LOL! Thanks for the prayers. I just discovered last night that I hadn't told ROb you are pregnant! I said, "Hey, Jessie's having a girl" HE said, "Jessie's pregnant??" HA! So much for great communication!J