Tuesday, August 5, 2008

At Long Last.....

, First, for any of you who may still check occasionally to see if I actually posted...thanks! To those of you who don't....well, you won't see this...so too bad!!! LOL! We have had so much happening, I just couldn't seem to sit down long enough in front of the computer to do this. I have been on the computer, just not for this! I have been entering volumes of information into homeschool tracking software. Planning our school year, that sort of stuff. I love homeschooltracker.com by the way. Awesome support if there's ever a problem...way more capability than I could ever dream of using or need....great stuff, anyway. There's my ad for the night! I did just finish a great book that I highly recommend. It's called "The Shack". Have some tissues handy, you'll need them at some point, but man, what a testimony of a man's relationship with God. What a perspective altering, heart-rending, life changing book. Really cool. Read it. ALso, I've been reading Branche's readers for the year. Since we use Sonlight Curriculum, the reading is novels, the History is novels, real books, not excerpts, not pieces and parts. I love it, he loves it, but....in order to discuss it with him, I need to read the books too! It's cool. Even if you don't want to use Sonlight, you should get the catalog and you can pick (very easily) great books for any age, whether you want to read to your child or have your child read to themselves....they have picked the best (by far) of literature available. Use this stuff for free reading or to add to whatever you use. The books are guaranteed to generate deep thought, great discussions and lots of introspection. Many are even out of print and only available through Sonlight. I am so looking forward to starting Branche's school. He's going to be studying the Eastern Hemisphere. We'll be concentrating on the unevangelized people groups and nations. This is an area I know little or nothing about. I can't wait. Poor public school kids missing out!!! : 0 D Carter will be starting first grade and Roger will be officially starting kindergarten!!! I can hardly beleive it!!! My BABY!!!! Kindergarten!!!!! I need another!!! Ha!
Besides getting ready for their school, I'll be starting seminary in two weeks. EEEEKKK!!!! I'm a little afraid! It's kinda intimidating, you know?? Pray for me!
We've been doing major home improvement for the past month. We painted Branche's room, he picked a dark teal. The little boys picked PURPLE!!! EEEK! We put new flooring down in the both of their bedrooms and the kitchen. It's that laminate that looks like wood....you know, it snaps together? Well, it looks awesome. I love it. Now we need a single bed mattress-boxspring set for B, but who knew that new ones cost so much????? Unbeleiveable!!! AND, the thrift stores have NONE!!! Ugh. Oh well, one'll show up somewhere sometime!
I wish my camera wasn't broken so I could take pictures...the puppies are big...like 30 lbs. each now. They've been fixed....and after 7 yrs, the town of BOykins finally figured out I have a dog...so I have to go buy licenses for them all...ugh. We've had at least one dog here constantly for 7 yrs.....how could I not know I need this?? It's apparantly not a new law!!! LOL!!!! Man, am I clueless or what???
News flash....I got caught up on laundry...then everyone changed clothes! Ha!
One puppy thinks he's a hounddog, at least he barks..yells...like one. That's a little annoying.
Rob has two churches waiting for him to preach....now if he could just get a Sunday off! ugh!!

WEll, I'm out of time, my printer won't recognize that there is paper in it,....gee today is really starting great!!! LOL!
Pray hard!



Jessie said...

love the layout! thanks for your prayers. we are excited...and anxoius all at the same time. we'll be praying for rob and these prospects. good luck with homeschooling this year and seminary...yikes, girl i don't know how you manage that. homeschooling is a feat all in itself for me. taylor starts kindergarten this year too. hard to imagine. take care. maybe we'll see you guys soon!

Julie said...

Thanks! I'm excited for you guys. Thanks for the prayers for us also...we need them! I'm a bit anxious about seminary myself, I'm sure it'll be fine, but I always get wiggity before I start something new. I need your email address!