Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life has been so crazy recently. We have this past week been dealing with sick people. Roger and Branche got some virus or another that caused a high fever, body aches, headaches, general crabbiness....Ick. Then...Rob caught it. Horrors! He's been sick for like 4 days now. I'm OVER it!!! LOL! Real high fever, horrible, horrible headaches...so hard for him to get a thing done. Not cool. We're trying desperately to be well this coming weekend for our trip to MD. Can't wait. Pray for us. Real hard, for clarity, discernment, all that. This is gonna be the first (next?) step in the next big part of the life of our family. We're excited, but you know that kinda scared feeling you get too? I really don't like big change, I REALLY don't like big change delayed!!! I'm willing to go, I just wanna get it over with!!! The puppies are doing well, I'm not the best house-breaker..but there is positive progress in that respect....they're getting big and are oh-so-sweet. They've got nice thick lab hair. None of that long fuzzy stuff thank goodness! We love to take them for long walks in the morning or late evening. Branche and I especially...nice mom/son time. Good exercise!
My poor babies are still slugging through the end of school. We wound up and had lots of sporadic time off this year, so summer's getting cut a bit short. I think I'm gonna call it "DONE" at the end of June. I'm tired. Branche will probably do math straight through to catch up on that. Of course, he's doing geometry in 5th grade with this curriculum, so I'm not sure how much would really be "catch up", right? LOL. WEll, I need lunch. I'm starving.

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Jessie said...

So.....how did it go? Hope you guys had fun camping. We haven't been able to go yet this year. If we don't do it soon it will have to wait a while.

We are praying for you and Rob and trust that all went according to God's will.