Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Frances Kershaw Steinbach

My Gramma died yesterday. My Dad's mom. She would've been 96 June 12th. I cried off and on all evening. How lucky has my Dad been...he'll be 71 in Aug. and has had his mom all this time. I am worried for my Grampa, he turned 100 this past Jan. I'm really worried for him. They still live at home with help, I know he's gonna have a really hard time. What an understatement. What a hard time for our whole family. My Dad has two older sisters, there are tons of grandkids, great-grandkids and even two great-great-grand-kids. Amazing. I remember staying with them in the summer...getting snowed in for a blizzard one winter and getting to stay like 3 extra days...I remember her teaching me to sew...teaching me to knit...treating me like an adult when I wasn't. I'm really gonna miss her.

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