Sunday, May 22, 2011


I believe waiting is the absolutely most difficult thing God asks of us. Whether it's waiting on an answer to a prayer, waiting for healing...physical, spiritual, emotional.....waiting on change, waiting on peace...just waiting. Does anyone else have trouble with this? Maybe I'm impatient. I often want to pray..."Gimme patience God and I want it NOW!!" no, I don't really pray that, but have you ever thought it? We are in a season of waiting. There is much to be learned in that kind of season even beyond patience.

You learn selflessness. Why you are stuck may not be about you.

You learn introspection. Why am I here? What am I supposed to be learning?

You learn to depend on God. He'll tell you when it's time to move on.

You learn patience. It's hard not too....when you have to wait on God's timing.

You learn about the big picture. You may not have ever realized there was one. But the world and God's ultimate plan for it does not actually revolve around are part of it, He has an ultimate plan for you may involve waiting on something or someone else or just until you know it's not about you.

So, while I wait....I'll praise Him.

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Ellen said...

This is a beautiful piece on 'waiting'. Very true in its entirety. I know; 'been through it all. But then who hasn't?! Yet the thought that God has everything under control makes the waiting bearable. Not easy, waiting is never easy. But when God takes you through it you begin to understand that indeed there is a bigger picture to the waiting.

Thanks and God bless you.