Friday, October 9, 2009

So, I'm supposed to be writing a paper on the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John. I can't seem to get started. It's got to be a loooooooooong paper w/at least 10 sources. Ugh. That's how I feel about it. I really HATE feeling "ugh" about anything that has to do with God. or church. But, nevertheless, i do on occasion. This is one of those occasions. I do NOT want to write this paper. I have been unsuccessful at motivating myself to do so. This is one of those days I think, "huh. I wonder what made me think I needed a graduate degree?" I did just fine w/NO degree at all for many years. Oh well. In for a penny, in for a pound. RIght?

My homeschooling year so far has been less than stellar. Don't really like admitting or posting that, but hey. Public school has been less than stellar as well for those attending, so I guess we're even. :) Carter does NOT want to do school. At all. Branche well, Branche loves to read and hates everything else. Ugh. Roger, he just wants to do speed school. The quicker it's over, the better. We are taking a shot at a couple lapbooks. It's different. Not in love with it, because it createds waaaaaaaaaaaay more prep work for me. Sonlight has me spoiled. Everything all planned out and sitting there ready. can't wait til box day. Man, life can get normal again. At least I am having time w/my boys. They are something else. Branche and Roger have discovered how much fun it is to ride anything with wheels on a path through the woods behind the house ...downhill. Very downhill, so very fast. They do it every chance they get. They have dug potholes and lumps to make it more interesting....they ride things double not meant to be double.....I just keep saying, "wear your helmets!!!!" PLEEEASE! Lol. Boys, what're ya gonna do, right???

I'm doing a Bible study called....Seeking Revival...I think that's what it's called. Anyway, it's great. It's convicting. It's made to do both alone and in a group and I'll tell ya what. It sure is showing me scripture in new ways. Our ladies Bible study as well. That one, I tell ya what. I cry nearly every day when I do my daily part. Do it if you're given the chance, "Do You Think I'm Beautiful? " by Angela Thomas. You could just read the book which I am sure is fabulous...but the study w/a bunch of other women is phenomenal.

Hope everyone is having a great day. Mine has been busy. Keep on praying. <3


Kelsey said...

Ha! I just finished High School in 08, homeschooled since sixth grade and I had to laugh - All I EVER wanted to do was read! Now that I'm in college, I can't help wishing for the good old Sonlight days!

Hibah Naz said...

Hello there. I was checking out some blogs and found yours interesting. I myself have been home schooled for the last 5 years ever since I passed eighth grade. Now, I'm in 13th grade or here in Pakistan they call it B.A first year. And again I'm a private student. I swear people here, find home schooling odd. You can say that it's mostly considered a SIN. They think a child has to go to school, college or university if there is learning required. Everyone, including my family members thought my mom made a terrible decision but now everyone thinks the opposite.
I wish you and your family good luck in everything. God bless you.

Julie said...

So sorry I didn't see these responses until now! Kelsey--it's great to hear from someone on the "other side"!! Glad you're doing well...and hey, never stop reading!!I spend more time per day reading than any other activity between kids' school and mine!! Hibah--hope all is well with you! I understand homeschooling is a strange thing in many other countries! I find it odd to think that learning can only happen in an "official" classroom! ;)
Thanks! Julie