Saturday, February 7, 2009


Ok, so last time I asked if anyone had ever been hurt. Ok,now I have a new hurt!! Dear me! I tripped over a kid's scooter and landed my 2000 lbs. on my left knee-cap. Owee! No joke!! So, needless to say, when I managed to hobble carefully into the dr.'s office the next a.m., I got an x-ray and found out my patella is fractured. Not sure how bad, not sure what they're gonna do about it. I had the "grace" (HA!) to hurt myself too close to a weekend, so I'll see an orthopedist Monday. I'm afraid he's gonna hurt me! I HATE physcial pain!! Oh well, maybe it'll be quick. Anyway, we've all found out that I'm apparantly a really bad patient. I don't like being unable to "do" for myself. I am in total reliance on others. Not cool. Bathing is scary. Going downstairs...double scary. So, I can't help feed the boys, I can't dress the boys, they now run up and down the stairs for me. I have discovered that while my five yo loves to help, he still hasn't figured out it's bad to climb over my leg when I'm in bed. EEEK! He's so sweet. Rob gave me a book to read, called "WHY?". It's about handling the "bumps" life throws you and understnading "why" God gives you these things. I found it amusing that he gave it to me....I'm not a bad patient in that I am laying around crying....I'm just annoyed that I can't do what I want!@!I think he just figured I'd read it in self-defense against boredom....maybe HE needs to read know to find out why God saddled him w/a broken wife! LOL! My arm muscles are very tired from dragging myself around for a half day until I could put some pressure on that foot to walk....I'm not even gonna tell the story on myself about WHY I tripped on the sidewalk....I'll save that for when I can really laugh too. :)
Well, I need to lay down and go for the pain meds, all too soon....bye for now!!

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