Tuesday, April 8, 2008

one more day....

Okay. I had to take another cat to the vet this past Wednesday. He was constantly gagging/coughing/hacking. All day. Our vet normally has afternoon hours, but had something going on. A mean woman working the desk (only mean one out of about 4 girls that work there!), almost made me cry acting like, well, I'd just have to let my kitty gag for another day. Well, I wound up and went to a different vet in Suffolk (hr. ride) on the advice of a lady at buying dog food at the vet. They were nice, but no help. X-ray, exam, an arm and a leg later, and all I got was a shrug and "keep him isolated for a couple days, see if he's eating/drinking/peeing etc." Great. Two days later (Friday) I go back to my normal vet who cringed when she saw me (thought it was spider bite kitty again) and she was amazed they did nothing. She gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and pills to take for 5 days. Apparantly, kitties can retch so hard they can give themself esophogitis. He's doing better, still gags some not on the medicine (sometimes I forget), but not so bad, so I guess he's getting better. Anyway. Ugh. I love my vet, but wouldn't mind seeing less of her for a while!! I know at least one of you can identify!!
I'm almost caught up with my school. (that's good). Rob got written up twice at work other day for things he cannot control (like labor hours when he's on a week's vacation). It's not cool. He's not only applying to churches at this point, he's putting applications in everywhere. He's not happy, I'm not happy...well...not with his current job. On the other hand, our week out in the woods has done wonders for our relationship!!! We sat one night and talked and talked and talked about all sorts of stuff. It's surprising how hard it can be to just get the chance to talk at home. We hashed out some things we'd both been carrying around. We're happier, closer, all that great stuff!
Rob went and got our tent from the rendezvous site yesterday. It was still wet so we currently have a huge wall tent and fly up in our backyard....considering the size of our backyard....it's all tent! You go out the backdoor, take two steps and you're under the fly! LOL! We grilled hamburgers last night, and while we did, we sat under the fly and Rob played his guitar and I sang (horribly) with him. The neighbors may not have liked it, but we did!!! We did "Days of Elijah", "Here I am to Worship" and some others I can't seem to remember!
We're hoping sometime soon to take our kids and some of my friend's out to my aunt's farm to teach them about fire starting (with flint/steel/tow), and loading and firing blackpowder rifles, pistols, smoothbore. I think I need to talk Rob into it a little more....it should be fun.
well, time to start my day! Oh....my homeschool tracker is still not working...I hate computers sometimes!!!

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Jessie said...

I'm glad that you and Rob got to spend some time together. We forget how important that is in a marriage. Sorry about your kitty. I know how frustrating the vet's can be. Especially when they don't make your animal feel better :) Hope your kitty feels better soon!